Searching by message id


is it possible to search messages by the message id? I thought I would be enough if I enter it as a string in the search bar. But unfortunately the messages are not findable like this.

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Try to use gl2_message_id: YOUR_ID in search bar. It’s internal field which stores message id.

I tried it already, but still no results.

gl2_message_id: "1de348d0-a422-11eb-93b2-02422a41f7ab"
gl2_message_id: 1de348d0-a422-11eb-93b2-02422a41f7ab

Both does not work.

Think I may have found the solution.

I believe what you were searching for “1de348d0-a422-11eb-93b2-02422a41f7ab” is the permalink for the message.
Example as shown below.

Also I found this

If your using GL4 try something like this.

Insead of using gl2_message_id use _id: 1de348d0-a422-11eb-93b2-02422a41f7ab and search for ALL message see if you find it.


I tried it on a couple messages and it worked for me.
Hope that helps.


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