Search widget with different messages


I am making a dashboard in which I want to include a widget with a message search represented in a bar chart.

I want to show the search count for three different messages and right now I have three different widgets, one for each message.

Can I show everything in a single widget? If I use for example “message:ssh OR message:login OR message:error” the count of all the messages that match is shown but I want to show it separately, one bar for “login”, another for “ssh” and another for " error", showing the different bars distinguished by colors and note it in the legend. Is this possible?

Thank you so much.

All the best.

I would think so if you group by message, add a count for message, and use the query to limit it to those specific messages.

So you should be able to do a group by and get this, however you cannot do an aggregation on the message field, if the data is in another field that should be fine, but the message field is a special field type.

Thanks for the clarification. I (perhaps wrongly) assumed that message was just a generic name and not the actual mesage field.

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