Search stopped working: Failed to fetch data

Some days ago Graylog data fetching in the UI for search and Dashboards stopped working. The current error is:

Any idea why this happens? I’m not aware of any changes so far to the Graylog instance besides updating from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2, and I have no clue where to look or how to debug further.

Thanks in advance.

This seems related to Elastic Search. That’s all I can see though.

Yes you are right. The “issue” was introduced in Graylog v4.0.2 as the timestamp format for new ES indices were changed to 8yyyy-MM... which is not supported by ES 6.4. As ES 6.4 is AFAIK EOL anyway and not supported by Graylog anymore that was my fault and I have to upgrade.

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