Search results to dashboard

I have a fairly obvious question - I want to do a search, select several of the fields, and then add the result to a dashboard that would show me the results of the query.

I feel like it’s there and I just don’t see how to accomplish it - is this possible?

For example:
Search for user logins for past 30 minutes.
Select email, username, department.
Add the results of the search to an area of a dashboard.

Does this make sense? Am I missing something obvious?


Dustin Tennill

From the search result select left column, there you can see the result, select the checkbox and select generate graph

Once graph creates you can select add to dashboard option


I appreciate the answer, but I am still having trouble understanding exactly what to do. I use quick values and counts all the time in dashboards, and what you described sounds very much like that. I want to show more than a single field in the resulting chart added to the dashboard.

Attached is a screenshot of a search result as an example.

I want to create a chart on a dashboard that has the contents of the message box based on the search. In this case, it would have mrid,datatype and the timestamp fields.

Selecting the checkbox beside “datatype” and choosing chart will generate an error message because the field is not numeric.

I hadn’t spent the requisite time on google - I found this:

I poked through the product ideas page and found there was already a request in for this feature.

Search for “Search Results Widget”.

I will stop looking for this - looks like this feature is not available yet.


Corrected link in case someone else finds this.