Can't find Search Result widget

Hi. All over the internet I can see such widget on the left hand side of search

But I don’t have it on my installation. I have Graylog 3.2.4

Is this an enterprise feature only? Or was this included in Graylog 2.x and removed 3.x?

Hi @mike-code,

we changed the layout to 3.2. and you can now find the search results here:

- Konrad

Ah, but due internal structure changes, there is no clear answer on how many documents where retrieved. Since a search can now have different result counts on one page.

We plan to add a result annotations to each widget somewhere in the future.

- Konrad

@konrad I see. I didn’t have a chance to play with this widget then but from the screenshots I assumed that I can use it a quick filter for search results? The same way that facets work?

@mike-code, I am sorry, I can’t follow (I am not a native english speaker). If you want to display the amount of messages for the last search request, I remembered that you could do this:

I hope this helps.

- Konrad

What I meant was a similar feature that you have in e-commerce. Say you go zalando’s page looking for shoes. You select “Shoes” from the main category list (that would be “Shoes” Stream in graylog). Now you see list of all shoes and on the left hand side you see facets (filters) such as colour, size or brand.

[+] Color
[+] Size
[+] Brand

For each of those facets you see a list (with checkboxes) with number of results found e.g.

[-] Color
    [✓] (1) Yellow
    [ ] (5) Green
    [✓] (3) Red
[+] Size
[+] Brand

In this example above I unchecked green so that I don’t see green shoes and thus I will see 4 results total (1 yellow and 3 red). In the Search Results widget in Graylog, I expected that I’ll have the same functionality but with fields such as source, facility, level etc.

Was that the case with this widget before 3.2? If so, I’ll immediately downgrade to get this functionality back.

Basically this:

I see, thanks for making it clear. No we do not have such functionality yet. But thought about it, too.
Perhaps we will be able to do something in the future.

- Konrad

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