Search query fails on long type fields

Hi folks,
I have an issue with the search query on a long data type field.
My Apache logs are fed to graylog with a GROK pattern like :
%{HOSTNAME} %{NOTSPACE:apache-process} %{COMBINEDAPACHELOG} %{NOTSPACE:cookie} %{INT:tookms;int}

tookms is in millisec. I made sure ES index uses a numeric type :
curl -X GET

returns this field amongst others :

      "tookms" : {
        "type" : "long"

So, I would expect to be able to search for requests like :

source:aspxaswebp* and tookms:<1000


Embaracing how I forgot to use capital AND…
Please delete this post.
I appreciate a lot the help you offered Macko003. Thanks.

How can we help? Maybe you missed to write your problem.

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