Search keyword query not giving right time

i am using Asia/Phnom_Penh timezone, i configure in admin user. when i run search by keyword to get day data only, i used keyword “today midnight” or “midnight” but it is to return not the right time, it seem added 7hours. it suppose to be 00:00:00 but it give me 07:00:00. i tried to put UTC +0700 or +0700. it still not give the right time.

@phalla The keyword considering midnight from UTC +0700 according to timezone set for Graylog server. I would like to recommend a workaround where you can use absolute search instead of a keyword search because the keyword search soon going to eliminate from Graylog due to less use of it and its result depends on the timezone settings.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

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crystal clear! thank you

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