"Search in last 5/10/15 minutes" search is not working

“Search in last 5/10/15 minutes” search is not working and doesn’t listing any logs. I am able to list recent logs in “search in all messages”.

Please help to understand why logs are listing in “Search in last 5/10/15 minutes” though recent logs are received.

Please describe exactly what search query you’re running, what you would expect the result to be, and what the actual result is.

I am trying to list the logs by using time based search but it’s not listing any logs in “Search in the last 5 minutes” though i see messages are being received and able to see the messages in " search in all messages" but not in “Search in last 5/10/15 minutes”.

Please see that attached screen shots and help me to understand this issue. Thanks a lot .

Hi Jochen,

Please help me to understand this issue.

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