Search for numbers only evaluate frist chr

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Been trying to figgure this one out for a while, and cant understand what I do wrong here.

When searching for ex mynumber:[50 TO 90]
It will return all numbers that start with 5,6,7,8,9
not only nubmer between 50 and 90
So i would get like, 5,6,50,55,560,698222 and so on
Did try to extract as BASE10NUM and NUMBER. Both works and seems ok, but when searching i only get results from first character in number.

Any ideeas?

Extracted number from syslog message unusable
(Jan Doberstein) #2

hej @Snowy is mynumber saved as number in Elasticsearch?

(Einar) #3

Hey back :slight_smile:
Been strugeling to make sure what it is saved as.
Everything looks like it is stored as number (integer), but how to make sure I am no aware of.
Anyt tips on how to se the type a value is stored as?

Interesting finding.
Tried this on two different servers.
Both give a numeric on a “bytes” value and “bytes:[100 TO 200]” works fine
But on both servers when looking at timed values, but should be stored as numeric the Seconds and Mileseconds come out as I mentioned here. It only evaluates the first chr in the number.

Best regards

(Jan Doberstein) #4

you can look into the mapping of one index in elasticsearch with the curl commands from this elasticsearch docs:

If you want to ensure that specific items are stored with specific settings, look at:

(Einar) #5

Hi and thaks a lot for helping out.
I dont get any response from port 9200 but at port 9000 I get the folowing.
The documentation looks different from my result, and I cant se anything I could do to attac the problem here.
Is it because I run a newer version?
Best regards

(Jan Doberstein) #6

you need to run the curl command on the elasticsearch server and not on the Graylog server.

(Einar) #7

Hi and thanks again.
This is a one stop server, all roles on the same server.
Should it accept the curl command on port 9200?
And 9200 then should represent elasticsearch?

(Jan Doberstein) #8

you might have elasticsearch noch listening on localhost - check your configuration where you bind the elasticseach server to.

(Einar) #9

Hi and thanks again @jan

When runing curl from another host towards the graylog server on port 9200 it worked.
curl -X GET “”

Found the value to be
So I added an extractor to convert it. Cut dident do it, but a Copy and new Field did the trick.

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