Search for dollar sign

Hi All,

I am having some trouble searching for a dollar sign within a user name. My search either errors or returns no results which I know is incorrect.

I have tried a variety of things sch as -


and a mixture of the above.

I suspect this is something to do with the search expecting the $ to form part of a format string rather than the thing to search for itself.

Any advice would be great.


Hi All,

Still having trouble with this. I currently have two separate logs that I want to separate between with the only difference that I can use being the $ in a username of one type.

Any thoughts of how to do this would be really useful to try.


Did you ever find a solution for this?
Experiencing the same issue :frowning:

Need to filter machine logons vs user logons. Same event ID and the only difference in messages is machines have $ at the end.

I thought something like:

EventID:4624 AND NOT TargetUsername:*$

would work… alas it does not

There are various reasons why this won’t work. For example search queries with leading wildcards are not allowed by default.