Trying to exclude accounts with $

Hello GL friends!!

So here’s a hopefully simple query question.

I have a windows event, 4624 to be specific tracking successful windows logons. In my search I am trying to exclude the computer accounts that show up as $ names so that all I get are the actual users that logged in.

Here’s the search I’m using:

EventID:4624 AND LogonType:3 AND NOT (WorkstationName:-) AND NOT (TargetUserName:HealthMailbox* OR TargetUserName:“ANONYMOUS LOGON”)

And I get these accounts as a sample result:


I’m trying to exclude the accounts with a $ at the end. How can I do that in my search?



I am pretty new at regex but this worked for me:

NOT winlogbeat_event_data_TargetUserName:/.*$/

That worked!! Thanks


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