Scaling the solution and its performance capabilities


We have a question about scaling the solution and its performance capabilities

  1. We need to implement on the 25k EPS (in the peak 50k EPS) using Graylog + Elasticsearch. Are there organizations that have implementations for such an EPS number?
  2. To what EPS was the Graylog solution tested?
  3. Is there a calculator that allows you to estimate the architecture for the above requirements?
  4. To what maximum amount of EPS is the Graylog solution scaled? Is it possible to expand to eg 150k EPS?


  1. Yes
  2. about infinity.
  3. Yes, use google. But every time it depends on your needs. If you run extractors and pipelines, the calculator can’t do it.
  4. about infinity

There is another topic about big systems in the community. Use the search. (with “heavy load” keyword)


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