Opensearch sizing

Dear Community,
I have a question about the sizing of the solution.
Firstly, it seems to be recommanded to store data of the Graylog in OpenSearch instead to ElasticSearch.
Could you confirm?
Secondly, the documentation is very light about the sizing of the solution.
I have estimated that my graylog Cluster need to be sized around 2500 EPS so approximatively for 80 Go per Day with a cold retention of 6 months .
if I use the same sizing of ElasticSearch , I need Around 2 GL (16vCPU , 16G vRAM,100G) and 4 Opensearch (16vCpu, 32G VRAM)
Do you have a excel tools or a formule to calculate it?

Third, for the High Availability, it seems that I need to 1 GL and 1 OpenSearch. Could I use a external LoadBalancer for this?
Fourthly, the solution is packaged on docker compose. Could i use it in production?
Thanks for your help

there is some discussion check the PDF that may help you

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