RSYSLOG - TLS encryption between Graylog sever - Client

Hi guys

I just made my HTTPS active for the Graylog server and my next step is to make the TLS encryption also between the Server Client and Graylog Server for the RSYSLOG.

Problem is i didn’t found any documentation about this on graylog, or maybe i was to stupid to find it :smiley:

Thank you

Hello @adrianrus

Yeah there is not much for Rsyslog , mainly because the majority of users tend to have Graylog Sidecar, Nxlog, Filebeat, Winlogbeat, etc…installed. I have tried using rsyslog up to Syslog UDP /TCP when it came to using TCP/TLS I change my log shipper. Maybe it was just me but I had a hard time and issues with it.

I’m quit sure if you execute a search in this forum for “Rsyslog” you will run into my old post and many others.

Hi @adrianrus

I’d recommend taking a look at rsyslog’s documentation on the topic:


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