Retrieving MongoDB performance metrics

We’ve constructed a process and dashboard which retrieves and alerts on the health and performance metrics as advised in

However, I would also like to monitor MongoDB health. It is core to Graylog, but also we have lookup tables stored in MongoDB so message processing is directly linked to MongoDB performance.

I see some exposed MongoDB metrics but a couple of them return no information and the others don’t have the performance metrics I would be looking for such as non cached reads.

Does anyone know where I would find these? Are they already exposed via the Graylog REST API and I’m just missing them?

May be worth checking out:

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Yeah, I’ve been working on a method that just retrieves status through the mongo shell, I was just hopefuly maybe I’d missed something relevant in the Graylog API.

Thank you for the tip!

We ended up installing and configuring RESTHeart.

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