[Resolved]2.4.6 upgrade to 2.5.1 Issue: Journal metrics unavailable

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I have a 4 nodes graylog test cluster currently running 2.4.6 on CentOS 7.5.
I followed the upgrade procedure but the first node I tried ended up “Journal metrics unavailable” in node view. The nodes are all VMWare VMs and I reverted the failed node back to previous snapshot.

Which log file I should look for errors ?


Two things,

  1. You should updated all GL server. The 2.5 use New API. You can find a simmilar issue ín this forum.
  2. What do you see if you login to the updated server’s http WUI?

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I will give it a try but I will have to snapshot all my 4 nodes so I can fall back to 2.4.6.

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@macko003, thanks for the great pointer.
I am able to upgrade the cluster from 2.4.6 to 2.5.1 by upgrading all GL servers in the cluster at same time.

sudo rpm -Uvh https://packages.graylog2.org/repo/packages/graylog-2.5-repository_latest.rpm
sudo yum clean all
sudo yum install -y  graylog-server  && sudo  systemctl restart graylog-server

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