Report Generation in Graylog 3.0.x on CentOS 6.3

I have read through the forum and learnt some interesting topics when generating reports with Graylog 3.0.x. Documentations make it seem very straight forward.

In reality, it seems there needs to be kernel upgrades, addition of some libraries etc.

In the forum topics I have seen, it seems like most have installed Graylog 3.0.x on CentOS 7.x. Has anyone installed it on CentOS 6.3? Have I missed a key point while reading the documents? Is there a minimum kernel?

If I have missed something that seems obvious, please comment with RT(x)M. Otherwise, lets discuss.

Graylog use the headless chrome to generate the reports, so you have the minial requirements of that for Graylog Enterprise and the reporting.

Thanks @jan. It complains about missing library which I have installed. Let me reboot the server and see how it responds.

I still have a problem as below. So it seems a few requirements still need to be met. I did install lib but it seems the versions required are not met.

it would be helpful if you create a bug report with detailed information over at github that the developers can look into that and check if that is something we can fix - or not.

@marius stated the below in one of the forums:
“looks like you are running a RedHat/CentOS system with a pretty old kernel. Either update to a 4.x kernel or disable reporting sandbox with: report_disable_sandbox = true
In the server configuration file.”

What does reporting sandbox do? I have errors with generating a report because of library issues. See below. I am running CentOS 6.3.


I have merged your message - because opening multiple threads for the same topic is not the nice way …

Sorry @jan, good point. Thanks for merging.

Firstly, I will report the bug. This will help improve the install knowledge whether you can fix or not.

Are you able to answer the point about report_disable_sandbox = true option? What does it mean?

Nevermind the report_disable_sandbox question. It is exposing my lazy behaviour. I read the manual and saw this topic. But I somewhat do not think it can solve my problem but I will test first.

Then I log a bug.

In this case, is it sensible to install headless chrome on my CentOS 6.3 as a workaround?

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