Replace string in rule

I know its Xmas (Merry Xmas everyone) but this post is a testament to how frustrated I am. I am sure this is a dumb question but I have spent two days on this.

Use Case:
I have a regex that I use to get some values out a Snort log. It works 99% but for one field. There is a destination port: dst_port. If I use this value is extracted and is shown as Group 9 (if you count as an array starting at 0). I am doing a normal:

set_field("dst_port", m["9"]);
9 = the grouping of the result. All other results work per their grouping numbers.


set_field("src_port", m["5"]); works

I then thought maybe for some reason this datatype is different and tried:

set_field("dst_port", to_long(m["9"])); - in case its a datatype formatting issue for whatever reason and that doesn’t help.

It then lead me to a “quick fix” I also store the port number with the " : " as I use that for something else so example:
:8080 or :8180
I added a second stage to the pipeline (the rule explained above is 0 Stage) that had the following code using a replace:

rule "remove :"
let dst_port = regex_replace(":", to_string($message.message), "");

Now I don’t know if I am understanding the documentation incorrectly for both how you run rules in stages as well as the syntax for the regex_replace function. But it does not remove the " : " from the :<port_number> – what I am trying to do is transform :8080 to just 8080 and there I have a usable port number.

The rule is pretty simple - set / let the dst_port be the outcome of the regex above. The regex above is simple find " : " and replace it with " " (nothing) to remove the " : " at the beginning of the string.


  1. The normal set_field("dst_port", m["9"]); should be working off the bat… so I was trying the second rule (and learning at the same time)
  2. The second rule with regex_replace doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I know I am using $message.message which is the entire message not just that section of the message. This was desperation as well as I wasn’t sure if I did $message.long_dst_port (this stores the :8080) if it would reference or look at that field that was set in rule 1.

Would really appreciate the help or pointers. This thing is driving me crazy and I am sure its something so stupid that I am missing.

if you want to remove something from the field dst_port you need to put that in the regex_replace rule.

Even when the tests do not use the naming of the variables ( ) I would write pattern, string and replacement into the rule.

Personal I would check if I can replace the : with a specific character first. “nothing” might be handled different and maybe just replcae that with a woudl show you if the logic is working at all.

You did not share your first rule at all so it is not possible to help with that.

Thank you very much @jan I finally to work what I did -

After I set the field for the original data :8080
I then create variable with that value:
let desp = m(4); ——- m(4) being the group in the regex.
This gave me a variable to work with.

Then at the end of setting fields I then create another variable:
let dest_fix regex.replace = (, m(4), “”)

My regex was also wrong so fixed that…

Then set the dst_port to the fixed value 8080.
Set_field dst_port = dest_fix.

This works I get a clean 8080 in the value.

Just a question for my understanding in setting a variable in the regex,replace when you use $message., after you set a field cam you reference it in regex.replace with $message.<field_name> or does one have to first set a variable for it like I did above and reference that.

Just want to follow the best method.

after you set a field cam you reference it in regex.replace with $message.<field_name> or does one have to first set a variable for it like I did above and reference that.

both is possible. No good or bad is given here. Take what you can better read.

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