Regex works on regex101 but not in Graylog :(


Seems that I’m not the only one struggling with regex that works on and don’t in Graylog (, but even after trying to escape twice the “\d”, it still doesn’t match!

Please find the input string : [mux_input 632] [encaps] dropping late packet (0 ms)

And the working regex on regex101 : \d+(?:[,.]\d+)?
(I’m trying to get “632”).

This one doesn’t match anything in Graylog, doubling the escape doesn’t match either : \d+(?:[,.]\d+)?

Would you have any idea what’s the issue here?


he @krakw

Graylog is Java and regex101 is not a Java regex tester …

This is a better tool for java regex:

But, your regex is working - the question is, where did you want to use that? Extractors or Pipeline or Streamrules or alerting or search?

Hi Jan,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Understood for the java vs nonjava tester.

I want to use this regex in a extractor !

He @krakw

total different, but working …


Thanks a lot @jan!

Any idea why it wouldn’t work with the other regex?

Thanks again for your help

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