Receiving notification about legacy script callback alerts

We keep receiving the following notification in Graylog 4. We aren’t using any scripts for alerting, we simply generate email notifications with the relevant messages as payloads.

“As of Graylog 4.0, the Legacy Script Alert Callback feature has been replaced with a new Script Notification feature. All Legacy Alarm Callbacks will be removed in Graylog 4.1, thus it is strongly recommended that you migrate from using Legacy Script Alert Callback to Script Notification as soon as possible.”

Any idea how to stop this?

Has anyone else had this issue in 4.0? I’ve checked repeatedly, the only notification type we’re using is “email notification.”

I’m seeing the same in my lab instances, but up until now have just been content to close the notification. Let me raise it with the developers.

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Thanks. For us the issue is we have integrated custom processes, one of which is remote monitoring of notifications via the API. Open notifications will generate periodic alerts because the expectation is there is something that must be handled/fixed and although we can clear this notification the next event notification will cause it to reappear.

I don’t see it called out specifically in the 4.0.1 changelog but it looks like this has been resolved.

Yep, I believe that’s the case. I was out on holiday last week and it looks like 4.0.1 was pushed then. Glad to hear that fix was included and got rid of the annoyance!

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@aaronsachs, this problem unfortunately resurfaced again today. It had been quiet due to holiday in the US and so we hadn’t received any alerts in a while. Today a new email alert was generated (still not using legacy script callbacks) and we started getting this notification again.

:grimacing: Gotcha. Lemme see if I can run this down.

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@aaronsachs, did you happen to find anything else out about this?

I’ve not heard any updates about this internally. We’ve raised (another ?) issue for it, and I’d hope we can get this taken care of before 4.1 (that’s when the banner for sure will be gone).

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