Question about ingestion dynamic log files content to Graylog

Hi All

My name is Bao Quach, I am technical Lead developer at Australia NSW Transport.
We have consolidate all log files from our 3000 Microservices insub directories of central location “/opt/scats/scats_output_log” on Linux Mint 19.2

For example

Where 24001 or 24002 or 3289 are traffic site intersection
Each site could have more 100 files with different file name.

I wrote a class called GrayLogSendGelfOutput (Please the class below) to connect to Garylog’s REST API http://:9000/api to save log file content from my global location to Graylog’s Elasticseach.

I have the following questions:-
Do you need to provide userid and password when invoke Garylog’s REST API http://:9000/api ? If so, can you provide Java code example.

That is,why I have built a Java Microservice which take all the log files from - global directory import into Garylog’s Elasticsearch, using Garylog’s REST API.
We want a simple solution and easy to setup up, support dynamic log files and zero administration.

I get an error in class o.g.g.transport.GelfTcpTransport : Channel disconnected!
when using “gelf-tcp” protocol to log files contents via Graylog’s REST API

Can you please have a look at the class GrayLogSendGelfOutput and let me know what I am missing.

Thank you for your help

Regards, Bao

GrayLogSendGelfOutput class

public class GrayLogSendGelfOutput {

private static final String  GELT_TCP_PROTOCOL_TYPE = "gelf-tcp";
private static final String  GELT_UDP_PROTOCOL_TYPE = "gelf-udp";

private GelfTransport transport;

private final CountDownLatch transportInitialized = new CountDownLatch(1);

private String graylogProtocolType = "gelf-tcp";
private String graylogHost;
private int graylogPort;
private int graylogClientQueuesize = 512;
private int graylogClientSendBufferSize = -1;
private int graylogClientConnectTimeout = 5000;
private int graylogClientReconnectDelay = 1000;
private boolean graylogClientTcpNoDelay = true;
private boolean graylogIsClientTls = false;
private boolean graylogIsClientTlsVerifyCert= true;
private String graylogClientTlsCertChainFile = "none";

GrayLogSendGelfOutput(@Value("${graylog.protocol.type}") final String graylogProtocolType,
                      @Value("${}") final String graylogHost,
                      @Value("${graylog.port}") final int graylogPort,
                      @Value("${graylog.client.queue.size}") final int graylogClientQueuesize,
                      @Value("${graylog.client.send.buffer.size}") final int graylogClientSendBufferSize,
                      @Value("${graylog.client.tls.cert.chain.file}") final String graylogClientTlsCertChainFile

    this.graylogProtocolType = graylogProtocolType;
    this.graylogHost = graylogHost;
    this.graylogPort = graylogPort;
    this.graylogClientQueuesize = graylogClientQueuesize;
    this.graylogClientSendBufferSize = graylogClientSendBufferSize;


public void doStart() {
    final GelfConfiguration clientConfig = new GelfConfiguration(graylogHost, graylogPort);

    if(GELT_UDP_PROTOCOL_TYPE.equals(graylogProtocolType)  ) {
    } else if(GELT_TCP_PROTOCOL_TYPE.equals(graylogProtocolType)  ) {

        if (graylogIsClientTls) {
            clientConfig.tlsTrustCertChainFile(new File(graylogClientTlsCertChainFile));

            if (graylogIsClientTlsVerifyCert) {
            } else {
    }"Starting GELF transport: {}", clientConfig);
    this.transport = GelfTransports.create(clientConfig);



public void doStop() {


public void write(Message message) {
    //Uninterruptibles.awaitUninterruptibly(transportInitialized);"Write message.getInput() = {}", message.getInput());

    try {
        final GelfMessageBuilder messageBuilder = new GelfMessageBuilder(message.getMessage(), message.getSource())
                .timestamp(message.getTimestamp().getMillis() / 1000.0)

        if (message.getLevel() != null) {
        } else {

        if( transport == null ){
    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
        log.error("Failed to send message to Graylog", e);

public void createAndSendMessages(File filePath, String messageString) {

    if (messageString.isEmpty()) {
        // skip completely empty messages, they contain no useful information"createAndSendMessages messageString.isEmpty() ");

    String source = graylogHost;
    DateTime timestamp =;
    Message.Level level = null;
    String input = filePath.getName();
    Set<String> outputs = new HashSet<>();
    MessageFields fields =  getSCATSApplicationMessageFields(filePath.getName());
    final Message message = new Message(messageString, source, timestamp, level, input, outputs, fields);"createAndSendMessages message.getTimestamp() = {} ", message.getTimestamp());

    message.getFields().put("source_file", filePath.getAbsolutePath());"createAndSendMessages message.getSource().length() =  {} ", message.getSource().length());


public void sendLogFilesContent(File filePath, String message) {"sendLogFilesContent filePath.getAbsoluteFile() = {}", filePath.getAbsoluteFile());
    Set<String> outputs = new HashSet<>();
    createAndSendMessages(filePath, message);

public MessageFields getSCATSApplicationMessageFields(String programName, int priority){
    MessageFields messageFields = new MessageFields();
    messageFields.put("program", programName);
    messageFields.put("priority", priority);

    return messageFields;

public MessageFields getSCATSApplicationMessageFields(String programName){
    return getSCATSApplicationMessageFields(programName, 3);


in Graylog you need to create an input first before you can ingest data. So you can’t use generic /api to drop in messages.

I’m not a developer but from what I can see your thought way is not working.

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