Query to filter logs based on graylog node


Is there any way to query logs which were ingested to a specific Graylog node?
Even better would be to filter a specific node IP.

Thank you in advance.

the field gl2_source_node holds the UUID of the node that has received the message in your Graylog cluster.

That is the only option to know which server has received the message.

Hi Jan,

many thanks for your answer.
I’m afraid that’s not the case for global inputs.

What i have done to test it is:

Open input page
show received messages

On two different graylog nodes. Both show the same gl2_source_input.

Am i doing something wrong?

please re-read my message @tato

I wrote gl2_source_node - the input UUID is the same for a global input, but the node UUID is written to gl2_source_node

Hello Jan,

I’m sorry, my bad.
You are correct, many thanks for the support.

Have a great day.

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