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Hi all,

Is it possible to query elasticsearch directly via HTTP verb? Also, I’m not sure how to find the elasticsearch endpoint.

POST /products/_doc
  "name": "Coffee Maker",
  "price": 64,
  "in_stock": 10


GET /products/_doc/101

Hello @syntax, welcome!

This topic is more suited for the Elastic forums. Here are some links to help you get started:

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hi @ttsandrew .
thanks for the reply.

i think i wasn’t very clear on my question.
how do i find elasticsearch endpoint & query based on graylog installation?
right now, i only know the graylog endpoint.

What information are you trying to retrieve from Elasticsearch?

actually my intention is to see if i can perform elasticsearch query operations independently from graylog.
this is so that if i ever need to build kibana/grafana, i can query data directly from elasticsearch.

You can, but the best resource for that is the Elastic forums. There is nothing special about the way that Elasticsearch is used with Graylog. The API reference I linked above will help you find the information you need. There is also information here about getting information about Elasticsearch from the Graylog REST API, or some limited examples for interacting with Elasticsearch directly.


Oh. I realized I could directly curl http://ip_address:9200/_cat/shards the same way I do on elasticsearch.
I initially thought elasticsearch had a different endpoint when installing with graylog.

Thanks so much for your help

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