Proper Elastic connection configuration

From the documentation it’s not completely clear to me how GL->ES connection should be configured.
For example I have 3 ES nodes.
Is it enough to configure

elasticsearch_hosts = any_es_master_node

(Because master will handle all messages forwarding to other nodes. And in case of adding new ES node I will not have to restart GL)

Or it’s mandatory to configure all-to-all connections

elasticsearch_hosts = node1,node2,node3,node4,node5

Please advise

@zoulja To avoid issues with the connection to the Elasticsearch cluster, you should add some of the network addresses of the Elasticsearch nodes to elasticsearch_hosts.

And it’s mandatory to configure all-to-all connections by specifying “elasticsearch_hosts.”

elasticsearch_hosts = node1,node2,node3,node4,node5

You should configure the elasticsearch host by referencing the below documentation link.

I hope this will helps you!

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