Elasticsearch_hosts recommended setting

Hello, i have 6 boxes each with 1TB storage, 32 RAM, 8 CPU.

A - GL master + ES data
B - GL + ES data
C - GL + ES data
D - ES data & master
E - ES data & master
F - ES data & master

I need to have elasticsearch_discovery_enabled = false.

What is recommended setting for elasticsearch_hosts on A, B, C?
elasticsearch_hosts = A,B,C,D,E,F
elasticsearch_hosts = A,B,C
elasticsearch_hosts = localhost:9200
or any other?

I’d recommend to use this, so that the Elasticsearch (HTTP) client in Graylog can rotate through your Elasticsearch nodes and skip non-working nodes.

I would at least add two Elasticsearch nodes to the elasticsearch_hosts setting so that the downtime of a single Elasticsearch node won’t stop Graylog from indexing messages.

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