Problems when opening the "field message"

(Javier Amelines) #1

problems when opening the “field - message - Quick Values for message”, I get the following message:
Could not load quick values
Loading quick values failed with status: Error: cannot GET http://10.29.XX.XX:9000/api/search/universal/relative/terms?query=source%3A10.29.XX.XX\%2F10.29.XX.XX&range=172800&field=message&order=message%3Adesc&size=50&stacked_fields= (500)

(Jan Doberstein) #2

what version of Graylog did you use? What Version of Elasticsearch?

(Javier Amelines) #3

Graylog version 2.4
Elasticsearch version 2.3.1
mongo version 2.6.10

(Jan Doberstein) #4

that might work if you update your Elasticsearch to the lates 2.x release (might be 2.4.5) or update to the latest 5.x release.

AFAIK this should be solved after that. You could also check your Graylog server.log for error when you press that field.

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