Pointing a remote elastic search to a remote graylog cluster

Dear Community,

I really don’t know if I am doing things wrongly, I have four different servers setup three has graylog server running with mongodb replica set setup across these servers. But I want to connect the elasticsearch from the fourth server to the graylog cluster (primary host), I really don’t know how to go about it. I want the be able to visualize all logs from the graylog cluster via the elasticsearch system.

What I have on mind is if there is a way to point the graylog cluster on the elasticsearch config file.

Help please.

Unfortunately I don’t understand your problem well.
So you would like to join 4th server to your cluster. And this server runs only elasticsearch?
Internet this case you should add the server to the elasticsearch cluster frist. Just use the same elasticsearch config on the 4th server, and add the new server on all server.
You can check rhe cluster status via API.
After you can add the new elasticsearch server on the graylog config also.

How did you install Graylog and it components? What OS did you use?

The answer would help to help you

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