Plugin loaded successfully however does not appear in UI

2021-11-09 08:14:06,385 INFO : org.graylog2.bootstrap.CmdLineTool - Loaded plugin: OpsGenie Alarm Callback 1.3.15-RELEASE [com.opsgenie.plugin.graylog.OpsGenieAlarmCallback]
Logs shows the plugins are loaded, however it does not appear in the UI

Plugins loaded in the plugins directory after restart do not appear in the UI

Steps to Reproduce

  1. pull docker image graylog/graylog-sso:3.3.6
  2. Download the plugin GitHub - opsgenie/opsgenie-graylog-plugin: OpsGenie Graylog Alarm Callback Plugin jar and run the container mounting the plugin directory
  3. Check the logs of the container to see the plugins loaded
  4. Check the UI configuration to see if the plugin appears

My environment

  • Graylog Version: graylog/graylog-sso:3.3.6
  • Java Version:
  • Elasticsearch Version: 6.8.13
  • MongoDB Version: mongo:4.0.20
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18
  • Browser version: Chrome 95.0.4638.69

Did you execute these steps also?

Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven’t done already
Go to Graylog Integration page
Specify the teams should be notified for Graylog alerts using the “Teams” field. Auto-complete suggestions will be provided as you type.
Copy the integration API Key by clicking on the copy button or selecting. You’ll be using this in the Graylog configuration.
Click “Save Integration”.

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Hi @gsmith thanks. But the problem is the plugins opsgenie do not even appear in the integration page

Also under notification in Alerts I do not see OpsGenie alarm callback

Hello @gsmith I got it working. Thank you I had to select legacy notification and opsgenie got working.

Nice, thanks for posting your solution.

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