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I have been successfully running a Graylog 3.1 instance for close to a week. But recently new logs are not written into the index sets.

While checking server logs, we came across two lines that mentioned:
2020-01-22T13:40:04.916+05:30 ERROR [AuditLogger] Unable to write audit log entry because there is no valid license.
2020-01-22T13:36:05.008+05:30 ERROR [MongoAuditLogPeriodical] Not running cleanu p for auditlog entries in MongoDB because there is no valid license.

Plus the console also mentions “Graylog Plugin Enterprise is installed”.

How do we know which enterprise plugin we are using, can we uninstall them if we are not using enterprise plugins to avoid the issue.Also, is this is a license validity issue because we didn’t have a problem until now.

Any tips appreciated.!!

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he @rvikram

first - having no license for Graylog Enterprise but the plugins installed will not stop ingest/storage of messages in Graylog.

To answer the question, check “System > Nodes > NAME OF NODE” you see the information about the installed plugins.

Depending how you installed Graylog you have different options to remove. Either by apt remove/yum remove graylog-enterprise-plugins or by removing the jar files from the plugin folder and restart Graylog.

The other option is you install the enterprise license (up to 5gb per day it is free) …

(Scroll down to request the license)

Hi Jan,

That helped! Thank you!!

There was just a lag in the digestion by the node.


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