Plugin development in Go?

(Manjunath) #1

i want to develop new plugin using go can i do this ??

u guys have any example ?? please help

(Jochen) #2

Graylog is written in Java, so you also need to use Java or another JVM language, such as Kotlin, Groovy, or Scala, to write plugins for it.

You can find the plugin documentation at

(Daniel) #3

just jumping on the bandwagon: can i use jruby to develop graylog plugins?:slight_smile:

(Manjunath) #4

if i want to develop just web plugin ??

(Daniel) #5

i believe graylog’s web ui is written in java too

(Jochen) #6

This should be possible, although you won’t get any official support for it.

You would also have to ship your own JRuby runtime with the plugin.

(Philipp Ruland) #7

The Graylog Web UI has it’s data supplied by Java, but is actually written in React.js :slight_smile:

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