Pipeline rules from example broken (back-to-basics-enhance-windows-security-with-sysmon-and-graylog)

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I was wondering if there are some missing/ broken when-conditions in the following example (pipeline rules):

In the rule sysmon threatintel is only the when-condition:


And in the rule sysmon threatintel inflate is only the when-condition:


Also, after the pipeline rules there are those sentences:

The rules will now need to be added to a new Pipeline. We will name it Windows-Sysmon. In this Pipeline, we will have the following Stages containing rules:

Please note, due to the amount of messages produced by sysmon, you should enable the delivery to Graylog in batches so that you are able to scale and size the environment.

It looks like the stages and their descriptions are also missing there right?

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Good catch - Bumped over to “Documentation Campfire” for @dulanism :smiley:


Nice catch @hollowdew :+1:

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Thanks, all. The team will tend to this and follow up after we conclude some work cycles. We’ll be in touch.


Thank you for your help.
I also detected that the dashboard which is referenced on the site
is not importable in graylog.
It says that the content pack is incompatible, I am using the latest graylog version.

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