Pipeline rule not printing debug extracted fields


I’m trying to create a function in a pipeline using fields that have been extracted from an Extactor via GROK pattern matching. For starters I am just trying to print the fields using pipeline debug but I just get this log line:

2020-01-27T12:58:26.361Z INFO [Function] PIPELINE DEBUG: Passed value is NULL.

My fields are being correctly parsed as expected…

And I have also set the message processor order to use “Message Filter Chain” before the “Pipeline Processor”.

I have the following simple rule set:

rule “debug vars”

If I change
then it prints the source correctly.

Any help appreciated.


I usually use this snippet for debug:

let debug_message = concat("ats timestamp: ", to_string($message.ats_timestamp));

Thanks, but the field $message.ats_timestamp still prints as null using that method

he @rwarden

where did you create the field ats timestamp?

Hey @jan,

I’m creating the field from a GROK pattern Extractor, here’s my GROK:


Although it seems to be converting “ats.timestamp” to “ats_timestamp” when displaying the field.
I have of course tried printing “ats.timestamp”, “ats_timestamp” and additionally even changing my GROK pattern to be “atstimestamp” instead to try rule out any special character issues but it still does not print the value expected.

dots are not allowed in field names @rwarden that is the root cause of your problem. When you change that to something else all will work.

Thanks, yes removing the dot from the field names fixed the issue.

Thanks for your help.

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