Pipeline rule langage?


Hello again,

People like to look at my posts and never respond … -_- I put really simply questions but no one awnser… Is it really a help forum or just a marketing thing to say “yes we have a forum” omg.


Does anyone here in the whole community knows in what langage is the pipeline rule editor please?

When I create a simple variable like this:

rule “RuleEdit”
test = “hello”;
set_field(field: “Premier”, value: true);

I would also know how to count the number of occurences of a string in all the message of the stream please.

It would be really appreciated if someone could awnser thanks.

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Dear @Shadows

this is a community forum - no SLA is connected to this and when you expect that your question is answered ‘in-time’ you might want to get a support contract connected to SLA.

The language is nothing “already present” you can get more information in the documentation: http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/pipelines.html

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