Pie chart: top 5 and remove legend

Hi! I am creating a pie chart that contains the request that my apache server receives.But i want to improve how it looks, so i would like to: 1_Make a top 5 or 10 of the values (i have more than 10 values) 2_Remove the legend from the botton of the graph (it have several values so with the legend i have to make the widget incredible big to visualize the graph correctly). Is it posible?

Based on you version, yes, it is possible.
Check the edit option of quick values.

I didn’t specify the version, it is 3.2, sorry for that. The quick values option was removed from this new version. I managed to find the top x option (click on the value that you choose as rows) but it’s still missing the ability to hide the legend because for some reason i have to make my graph too big if i want to see the pie chart mostly because of the legend that each value represents. Do you know if there is an option in the lastest version to make this change?

Hey @ndelle based on a question I recently asked it looks like it is not possible to remove the legend today but that it will likely be a future capability: Can legends be removed from widgets?

For the top n option it seems like you found how to do that but if not you do click the item in the row field and can select a number there.

Hope that helps!

@abraxas your post was one of the ones i saw while searching for this before asking here. Thanks for the answer! I will working on other things while we wait for the new version with the change.
I found the top option earlier, but thanks for point it out anyway.
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