Pfsense configuration changes from Graylog

Hello , i have setup my graylog and i can receive logs from pfsense , but how can i querry for configuration changes from graylog ,for example some one created an account on my pfsense how do i query it from the messages. ?

Note :others logs are recived automatically from pfsense for example snort logs,and login logs ,but i cannot find the logs of configuration changes to pfsense.

Hi asekibaala,

Have you tried checking the box System Events in Remote logging settings -> Remote Syslog Contents?

System events show logs like Local User Database: Successfully created user when you create username. I think configuration changes are generally in System logs.


I don’t know if it is still relevant.

Hi facyber
Yes System Events is checked, but i can only see these logs from pfsense and not from graylog ,
Is there a search query that i can perform to see them from graylog.

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