Parsing JOSON in a pipeline

Dear All,

I have some JSON which is sent via a python script as part of a message, it is in the form of an array for a JSON field value similar to below

‘ExtendedProperties’: [{
‘Name’: ‘UserAgent’,
‘Value’: ‘CBAInPROD’
}, {
‘Name’: ‘RequestType’,
‘Value’: ‘OrgIdWsTrust2:process’
}, {
‘Name’: ‘ResultStatusDetail’,
‘Value’: ‘UserError’

It gets parsed by the JSON extractor on the input and is in a single field in the form as shown below.

{Name=UserAgent, Value=CBAInPROD}, {Name=RequestType, Value=OrgIdWsTrust2:process}, {Name=ResultStatusDetail, Value=UserError}

I would like to parse it out further. What would be the best method either parse_json in a pipeline or using jsonpath?



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