Parse_date() whitespace in "pattern" parameter

Trying to convert Checkpoint timestamp to a date object in Graylog using the pipeline function parse_date(). I want it to match the Graylog default timestamp format, minus the timezone (because it doesn’t appear in Checkpoint logs).

Old date format: 12Nov2019 14:30:00
Desired date format: 11-12-2019 14:30:00

Here is my rule (given that $message.event_timestamp is the timestamp extracted from Checkpoint log):

// Convert Checkpoint timestamp format to Syslog format:
parse_date(to_string($message.event_timestamp), “ddMMMYYYY HH:mm:ss”)

This produces the following date: 11-12-2019T14:30:00Z, which contains two unwanted characters T and Z.

I notice that the Graylog default timestamp field is rendered differently between the Simulator and in Search results. In the former it is in the format I don’t want (`

How do I pass a literal <whitespace> in the format? And how can I get rid of the Z at the end in place of the timezone?

Don’t try to get rid of T a Z in timestamp. Graylog store logs in UTC and uses ISO8601 for timestamp representation. T is only delimeter for time, and Z mean Zulu = UTC.

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