OTX domain lookup requested but OTX is not enabled in configuration. Please enable it first

(João Ciocca) #1

Basically, that’s it. I’m getting this error on graylog’s internal log and have no idea how to solve it - Google gives me the first entry as the ThreatIntel plugin github


and the rest are two Cisco results, an OpenDNS, and other unrelated stuff.

I remember installing the ThreatIntel plugin, because @ionstorm’s Syslog threat intel pipeline uses it, but this error didn’t used to appear… and I think it started right after applying the omnibus to 2.2.3-2, from 2.2.3-1 OVA.

(Jan Doberstein) #2

You need to get an API key and add this to the configuration in the webinterface

(João Ciocca) #3

Got it! =D Thanks @jan

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