Operation and condition in alert Email notification

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to make personalize notification Email. I would understand how HTML body works.
In particular its syntax. I know that you you can use IF - ELSE - END or FOREACH - END, but exist ELSE IF? or SWITCH? Can I create some variables?
For example I have to make a sum of 2 value in backlog message:

  • ${sum = message.fields.param1 + message.fields.param2

It is possible make this operation?

Other example, in IF condition can I check value of a field?

  • ${if message.fields.param1 == 10} <tr><td width="200px">Param1</td><td>The value of param1 is 10</td></tr> ${end}

Thanks for support.

Here are some docs on JMTE that will help: Java Minimal Template Engine

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