Opensearch 2.11

The Documentation says that the maximum version for Opensearch with Graylog 5.2 is 2.9.x. Does this mean we should prevent Opensearch from upgrading beyond this, or is any 2.xx version okay?

Thank you.

Personally i wouldn’t go beyond 2.9 as it’s the latest version that it was tested against. Looking at the past, most often Graylog works perfectly fine with new releases of opensearch, but I’m sure at some point that wont be the case.

Thank you for the information. I was thinking that was probably the case. An instance got updated to 2.11 as I hadn’t put it on hold. It seems to be working, but I’ll keep it on hold going forward. Eventually it will sync up.

Thanks again.

You mean to say Graylog 5.2 working OpenSearch 2.11 ( i am about to install new Server latest and test it) your comments will be apprciated.

Yes, as of now, Graylog 5.2 is working with OpenSearch 2.11 without any apparent issues.

Thank you. I have progressed last week with Graylog 5.2 and Opensearch 2.11 so far works nice…going to add some pipeline and stream line the logs and going to install Opendahsboard

Are you using Graylog Cluster with Opensearch Cluster ?

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