One input, multiple Codec

I’m working on a generic input plugin that may potentially have multiple well known codec. From the plugins I have looked through, it seems that there is one codec per input. Is there a way to have multiple codec for an input? Or have I missed an example somewhere you can point me to?

I am currently using a multiple conditional MessageProcessors do do a similar thing.

Yes, that’s correct. An input is (on a very abstract level) just a tuple of (transport, codec).

You could probably write something like a chained codec, which takes a list of codecs and tries one after the other until it finds a working codec for the given message. But be aware of the performance impact this might have, depending on what codecs you’re using and how complex they are.

Ok. Thank you for the quick reply. I will try out a few things and in the worst case, continue with what I currently have working with multiple message processors.