Nxlog not adding hostname


I have a simple output configured in nxlog config file to forward logs from a .log file running on windows 7. I can’t seem to be able to forward the hostname in the log. Graylog will use the IP address from the load balancer as the source. I have tried all of the following options:

<Output out_orpos>
  Module om_udp
  Host graylog.test.com
  Port 12211
  Exec $hostname = hostname();
  Exec $Hostname = '<ServerHostname>';
  Exec $hostname = hostname_fqdn(); 
  Exec $source = 'lab'; 
  Exec $SourceName = 'lab';

The only option i have so far is to not NAT on the load balancer. Graylog will see the real host IP.
Thank you

What type of input are you using to receive these messages?

Your configuration doesn’t look like you’re emitting GELF (which would have the capability to set the hostname).
See https://nxlog.co/docs/nxlog-ce/nxlog-reference-manual.html#xm_gelf for further details.

I am using raw/plaintext UDP input. With GELF i was getting the following errors.

com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unrecognized token ‘oracle’: was expecting (‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘null’)

Thank you for your response.

I added GELF as output in nxlog.conf but have syslog as the configured input in graylog, and i think it is working now.

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