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I have a simple output configured in nxlog config file to forward logs from a .log file running on windows 7. I can’t seem to be able to forward the hostname in the log. Graylog will use the IP address from the load balancer as the source. I have tried all of the following options:

<Output out_orpos>
  Module om_udp
  Host graylog.test.com
  Port 12211
  Exec $hostname = hostname();
  Exec $Hostname = '<ServerHostname>';
  Exec $hostname = hostname_fqdn(); 
  Exec $source = 'lab'; 
  Exec $SourceName = 'lab';

The only option i have so far is to not NAT on the load balancer. Graylog will see the real host IP.
Thank you

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What type of input are you using to receive these messages?

Your configuration doesn’t look like you’re emitting GELF (which would have the capability to set the hostname).
See https://nxlog.co/docs/nxlog-ce/nxlog-reference-manual.html#xm_gelf for further details.

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I am using raw/plaintext UDP input. With GELF i was getting the following errors.

com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unrecognized token ‘oracle’: was expecting (‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘null’)

Thank you for your response.

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I added GELF as output in nxlog.conf but have syslog as the configured input in graylog, and i think it is working now.

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