Ntop-ng with Graylog


Hello Everybody,
As it might of been shown, im new to logging and Graylog for that matter.
I started working with it and was able to get a full centralised logging server working.
Now I am looking to expand it, my goal is to get Elasticsearch to work with ntop-ng and then get Graylog to work with ntop-ng. The ultimate goal is to get ntop-ng logs onto Graylog.
But, I don’t know how to do this or even how to get started - so, I really have no specific questions.
Could anyone guide me in the right direction?

Ntopng to graylog

Still having this “issue”, any clues?


Still having this “issue”, any clues?


Still having this “issue”, any clues?

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It looks like no one had tried this before or if the person does not like to share.


Hopefully someone has, and happy birthday

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