Notifications for disk high watermark despite plenty of disk space

I’m running Graylog 4.1.1 on an EC2 instance, using AWS ElasticSearch Service for storage. In Graylog, I see a notification for “Elasticsearch nodes disk usage above high watermark” and the subtext includes the line “The affected nodes are: [x.x.x.x, x.x.x.x, x.x.x.x]” (it has the letter “x”, no actual numbers).

I’ve verified that the 8 ES data nodes in my ES cluster have plenty of disk space (at least 175 GB out of 512 GB).

The ES cluster has 3 dedicated master nodes of Instance Type r5.large.elasticsearch. I don’t think I can see the disk usage on the master nodes anywhere in AWS console, but it seems like these are a likely part of the problem.

How can I get Graylog to stop erroneously showing this notification or how can I figure out what the actual problem is?

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Maybe something in this post might help you.

I have found this site informative.


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