Not rebalancer consumer from kafka

I have on topic with 3 partitions in kafka cluster and my graylog cluster is 3 node. I create Raw/Plaintext Kafka with Global (all graylog cluster node) when I start input only two node graylog start consume from kafka! but I know according to Kafka’s architecture, every node must be assign a partition and consume has to be balanced, but that doesn’t happen. should I do something special?

he @david_graylog13

what Graylog Version did you use?

Graylog Version: Graylog 3.1.1
I checked, when set Processor threads with 1 balance is established, but if set Processor threads > 1 balance is not established. but we need Processor threads e.g set 9 thread, each partition consume with 3 thread.

that might be a bug in the code - do you mind checking Github if that is already known and if not, create a bug report?


I checked again completely. please look at the screenshots.

I create bug reporter.

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