Gelf kafka input load balancing

I have Graylog cluster with 3 nodes. I have set input using GELF kafka and I send all my logs to kafka.
I send about 100 thousand logs to test my set up. I can see only one of the node (Node 1) tries to process all the 100 thousand logs while the other 2 nodes are not doing any processing. If I stop Graylog server on Node 1 and then send 100k logs, then Node 2 processes it while Node 3 is not processing. So i can see that all 3 nodes are able to read from the kafka topic but only 1 node processes the logs. How can I can balance the load between all 3 Graylog nodes?


Tried creating a topic with 4 partitions. Still not working.

Solved issue by increasing the partitions adding the following property in file for kafka config.


If topics were created before adding this configuration, then add additional partitions manually using the kafka replication tools

bin/kafka-topics --alter --zookeeper localhost:2181 --topic topicname --partitions 6

Note: the number of partitions should be number of graylog server nodes multiply by 2.

Restart the producer (source sending the messages to kafka) just to be sure.

as reference:

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