Not able to run graylog in localhost:9000

I want to setup a graylog server in localhost and used docker for this.
I followed the steps as in this link :
Here is the series of command that I ran in terminal :
$docker run --name some-mongo -d mongo:3

$docker run --name some-elasticsearch -d elasticsearch:2 elasticsearch“graylog”

$docker run --link some-mongo:mongo --link some-elasticsearch:elasticsearch -p 9000:9000 -e GRAYLOG_WEB_ENDPOINT_URI=“” -d graylog2/server

Then I configured my graylog server at localhost:9000 to take in tcp syslogs by adding an input that listens to and port 1514, I also added this line to my rsyslog.d/50-default.conf input by adding:
*.* @@
Then I did:
$ service restart rsyslog

But graylog server doesnt shows any message logs whatsoever. Please help. I am not able to figure out what is the problem and I am fairly new to this one, I even posted the question in stack overflow but couldnt get any answers, have been trying for days… Please HELP !!

Hej @AkashKrDutta

you need to forward the ports for the input into your docker host also to get the messages into graylog.

currently you only forward the web/api port.

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Thanks a lot ! I totally forgot about it !

But after I have deployed the container, can I forward ports now ?

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