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I have been staging a new server as we were using the appliance for a good while, after changing the IP address on the new server to reflect that of the old server I no longer have any data coming into the search, however I can see data streaming into the respective input. The message that I have in the error log is below, anyone who could help me I’d greatly appreciate it.

2019-08-29T13:26:02.968-04:00 WARN [ProcessBufferProcessor] Unable to process message <1349e581-ca82-11e9-a530-00155d01ac01>: java.lang.IllegalStateException: index set must not be null! (stream id=000000000000000000000001 title=“All messages”)

If you go into your streams, what does it have listed for the All Messages Stream?


did you delete your default index? Did you set it to something else in the old server?

Thanks for reaching out to me about this, I ended up restoring my configuration from a “checkpoint” I’d made and just entered in all of my inputs and streams one at a time to mirror my old installation instead of the previous configuration where I’d imported them into the new system from our previous 2.5 system.

The issues that I seem to have now is understanding how the alerting functions work in Graylog 3.1… would you have any insight into how to configure them as they’re not as straight forward as they’d been under the 2.5 version we’d been running.

I don’t have alot of advice on the new alerting as I’m relearning it as well. I do believe that they have not finalized the documentation on it yet, so keep an eye out on the documentation as they are updating it.

I could be mistaken on that…

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