New to Graylog and receiving error messages

Could not execute search
There was an error executing your search. Please check your Graylog server logs for more information.

Error Message:
Unable to fulfill search request: cannot GET
Search status code:

Did you install from the repo? Are you trying to search from the webUI or from the command line?

How did you install Graylog (and which version)?
How did you install Elasticsearch (and which version)?
Are there any error messages in the logs of your Graylog node?

See for the correct file locations.

Yes I installed the repo. I tried to search from the interface.

I used and OVA image 2.2. I installed Elasticsearch 2.4 on the command line. No their are not any errors.

Elasticsearch and all other dependencies of Graylog are already included in the OVA (virtual machine appliance).

Please describe exactly what you did (including the output of the executed commands).

Here is the history of commands I executed. I reverted back to basic configuration snapshot in VMware. I used the basic configurations.

It looks like you didn’t run graylog-ctl reconfigure after changing the network configuration of your virtual machine.

Please refer to for further details.

After running the reconfigure command, are there any other commands that need to be ran order for the server to work? I have already downloaded Nxlog on a windows server and tried to make the interface show the results of the log from that server.

Have you also created an appropriate input in Graylog?

Hint: You can also use the Graylog Collector Sidecar to setup collectors on Windows and Linux machines: