New field using Pipeline

Guys, good morning!

I am having difficulty creating a field or message by joining two fields I created using extractors. From what I’ve studied, the best way to create this would be with Pipeline.

Below, I set the example I created, but it did not work, can anyone help me?

rule “Request Response”
has_field("$message.answer_0110") || has_field("$message.request_0100")
let msg = create_message();
let transacao=$message.request_0100;
let resposta=$message.response_0110;


I created this extractors from messages : request_0100 and response_0110
I created the stream “test” that will receive messages with field finished.
On pipeline connections, would I to set stream test or request_0100 and response_0110?.
Stage default 1.

Am I wrong in anything?

Thanks all!

so what is your target to go?

  1. create a new message with only the to fields
  2. create a field in the existing message that contains both?

Hi Jan, thanks for reply!

So, I think the best option is “Create a new message with only the two fields”.

Someone can help me?

If you are looking for any kind of SLA / answer in time, please considure to buy professional support. This is the community board where users try to help users - and in spare time Graylog developers try that too…

You might want to read the docs on the used function:

Hi Jan, sorry, but im not looking for any kind of SLA/answer, how you said, this is the community board where various users try to help.

I did not press you on an answer.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Be great!

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